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Paging DynamoDB queries with TypeScript generators

When working with DynamoDB's query API we have to consider that the results might be paged. Here's one approach to page through the results - using JavaScript/TypeScript generators.

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How to build a multilingual website in Next.js

It used to be challenging to build multilingual websites in Next.js, but things have greatly improved with introduction of Next 9. In this blog post I'm sharing my ideas on how to implement multi-language support (with locale subpaths, etc.) in Next.js by taking advantage of the framework's newly introduced APIs, while trying to keep things as simple as possible.

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Google ReCaptcha V3 in React, using TypeScript

Google has recently released a new version of ReCaptcha. It no longer requires any end-user interaction, so it's arguably an improvement over the frequently annoying V2 version. This is a quick tutorial on how to use it in a React app.

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